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Canadian Mennonite University Reducing Manual Parking Management

Canadian Mennonite University is a private school with an enrollment of less than 5,000 with a high degree of manual parking management that was labor intensive with heavy costs.

Their focus was to use a more streamlined process for permitting and citation issuance on a small scale, as well as tracking vehicles that over stayed their ‘free’ time, for better parking flow and management.  Their objective is to reduce their manual labor to track vehicles that are taking advantage of their shared public lot spaces.  With two parking lots their main focus at this time wasn’t to validate parking but to monitor abuse of 2 hour free parking on campus with the ability to ticket offenders.

The Solution

The OperationsCommander (OPS-COM) platform is built specifically to be flexible and cost efficient. We put together a basic package of ParkAdmin to meet their 500 permit needs and ViolationAdmin for their 500 citation needs. Since they were a smaller organization with approximately 90 parking spaces to manage they needed a solution that fit their budgetary requirements and found that in OPS-COM.  By implementing this solution much of the manual labor CMU is experiencing for vehicle monitoring will be gone.

The Process

The migration of parking functions from manual processes to an online web solution will result in greater efficiency for resources and business processes.  OPS-COM offered the best opportunity for CMU to realize revenues and benefits that was cost effective for their purchasing department, allowing for greater improvement in efficiency and cost reduction.  With our hosted payment model for payment collection CMU will have less liability risks for more secure transactions and less chance of fraudulent losses and technical issues.  Since technology is constantly changing and growing CMU has an opportunity to add additional functionality as time goes on to reduce manual processes even further.

We value all of our long term client relationships and are looking forward to working with this Manitoba institution!

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