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The cost of parking permit fraud for your business

Have you ever thought about the effect of fraudulent parking permits for your organization?  It’s more than just lost revenues, which can be significant, it is also about costs and controlling unused spaces.  Your team has to find, ticket, and pursue these culprits while they remove parking spaces for drivers who properly pay for parking […]

Google expands its parking support to help you find your car

It wasn’t so long ago we reported that the Google Maps app was launching a new feature in select cities to help drivers find parking.  You can now use Google to help you remember where you parked too.  The Google Maps app adds the blue P symbol where you park your car, keeps track of […]

Surge pricing parking on its way for parking at Cubs’ games

Maybe Cubs fans are so busy still celebrating the World Series Championship that they won’t notice parking around Wrigley Field is about to double on game days.  The city is instituting a surge pricing parking strategy to discourage fans from driving to the games.  Parkers will pay $4 per hour, up from the $2 per hour previously […]