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OPS-COM announces comprehensive LPR system

  OPS-COM incorporates LPR for parking, violation and incident management Carleton Place, ON: Ontario-based Tomahawk Technologies Inc. is excited to announce the release of License Plate Recognition (LPR) module. Now included in its existing parking and security software platform OperationsCommander or (OPS-COM) that consists of ParkAdmin, IncidentAdmin, and ViolationAdmin, the technology, available in May, provides the hardware […]

What to Expect from LPR

Download our infographic Adopting LPR as a new technology for your parking management process is a big move, and it’s important to understand the benefits and impacts.  We’ve highlighted a few key areas you’ll want to consider when adding a license plate recognition (LPR) system to your operation. LPR = Virtual Permitting All permitting will […]

License Plate Recognition ROI

License Plate Recognition ROI is an appealing prospect for many who manage parking.  It offers opportunities for improved management with reduced long-term costs, and can open up opportunities for improved revenue generation.  While the technology is not new, many parking operations want to better understand the associated costs and the projected return on investment (ROI) […]

Impark Email Scam is a Reminder to Keep Parking Data Secure

The Star reported that an email phishing scam has appeared in the inboxes of Torontonians.  The email is masquerading as a notice from Impark prompting people to pay past due fines. “The individuals who have received the emails appear to be random individuals, and do not match any list of Impark customers.” an Impark representative […]

Too Much Parking in Kitchener? How about Shared Parking?

The Waterloo Regional Record reported on the findings of Kitchener’s comprehensive parking study.  It found that the city has a higher than average parking space requirement for new developments and that only 69% of those spaces are actually used.  This has prompted the city to consider a review of it’s requirements. The situation Kitchener is […]

Parking Enforcement Boot Improves Customer Service

Most people would think parking enforcement and the boot would be a form of customer service but it really is.  Those who have outstanding violations may not think so, but for the rest of us who follow the parking rules by simply finding a spot to pay and paying for it to keep parking accessible and fair, […]

Google Maps Just Found You a Parking Spot

Google announced on its blog (January 26th, 2017) that they want to help us find a parking spot.  Twenty-five metro cities in the United States will see a “parking difficulty” icon on the Google Maps app for their Android phone.  Their goal is to let drivers know how difficult it is to find parking at […]

Parking Data to Generate Revenue and Improve Driver Experience

The move to digitally capture parking data can be an important tool to evaluate your parking operations and find ways to make improvements that help generate revenue and improve the driver experience.  While not everyone looks to parking as a revenue source, they should be evaluating their data to see if they are reaching their […]

Reducing Security Vulnerabilities for Parking Management Systems

It is important to understand security vulnerabilities for parking management as you might think that hackers are not interested in your parking management system, but they are. The information you collect on vehicles and individuals is the kind of data that hackers are looking for. While the bad guys might initially intend on hacking to […]

Password Security Strategy Time To Get Serious!

Does your department have the right password security strategy? Solutions Brief If you’ve been putting off creating a password policy, now is the time to finally get serious! A password security strategy is increasingly becoming a topic of conversation amongst organizations.  If hacked due to invalid password practices, the cost to universities and colleges can […]

Smart Payment Processing For Parking Managers

We have recently rolled out information on hosted payment solutions as a better alternative for payment processing for parking management clients and added benefits with online payments. Since payments are hosted on 3rd party sites which process all transactions and specialize in data payment processing and related security, hosted payments are the most secure way […]

OPS-COM Newest Installation

On the Grow Again… Tomahawk Technologies Inc. is very excited to announce Cambrian College as the newest Operations Commander (OPS-COM) client.  Cambrian college, located in Sudbury, Ontario, was looking for an efficient and convenient parking and security solution to manage its campus, students, faculty, staff and visitors.   By using OPS-COM, Cambrian College will now be […]

Thoughts for the future of OPS-COM

First a bit about the history of OPS-COM… The OperationsCommander (OPS-COM) Parking, Security and Safety Management software suite was originally called ParkAdmin parking management. ParkAdmin also had a predecessor though unnamed.. That original system which was developed somewhere around 2005 was a system for tracking the ownership of parking passes. Not much to it but represented […]