Impark Email Scam is a Reminder to Keep Parking Data Secure

The Star reported that an email phishing scam has appeared in the inboxes of Torontonians.  The email is masquerading as a notice from Impark prompting people to pay past due fines.
“The individuals who have received the emails appear to be random individuals, and do not match any list of Impark customers.” an Impark representative told the Star.
With most phishing scams, the email is intended to look legitimate and prompt people to click on a link which will either take them to a site that contains Malware, or where they’ll enter their personal information.  In this case, someone might give up their credit card information to pay the fines.
While this doesn’t appear to be a case of hackers accessing Impark’s data, it is a good reminder of why keeping your parking data safe should be a priority.
Impark is reminding people that they do not send emails to anyone with outstanding parking violations, and if you receive an email that appears to be from them, you should not click on the links and delete it permanently from your email.
Read the full article on The Star here.