The software application formerly known as ParkAdmin has been re-branded to OperationsCommander. The re-branding means that ParkAdmin itself becomes a module of the larger system. During its life, ParkAdmin grew into something much larger than just a parking application. The tool now is used for the management of Violations, Lockers, Incidents and plenty of other add-on system modules.

“The name ParkAdmin simply did not signify the full feature set of the application” said CEO Robin Mulloy about the re-branding. “We wanted a name that represented the power and functional set of the system. The name OperationsCommander better represents the power and utility of the software.”

Tomahawk staff were quick to agree that OperationsCommander is a more powerful and descriptive name, and better represents the full complement of modules the system supports. The tagline was also updated to “Take command of your Operations!

The Operations Commander team