Is your Facility growing and you need a better and more modern system?

Our committed success in helping organizations manage their parking
with more efficiency and less hassle, while saving money is what you can expect from
our award winning software and customer service.

Say GOODBYE to long line-ups for purchasing permits,

Say HELLO to freed resources during heavy workload times!

 Say GOODBYE to frustrated clients

Say HELLO to 24/7 digital convenience!

Paperwork is a thing of the past.

The Parking and Permit Management Module will simplify the process of permit buying and distribution from start to finish. 
Improve customer support by downloading the data collection and permit selection process to your user base.

  • Four distinct time allocations.
    Sell yearly, semester, monthly and temporary permits using one simple interface.
  • Manage all lot and permit information.
    Easily perform allocation of a single permit or bulk allocation of a permit range to different lots.
  • Comprehensive reports and data generation tools.
    Quickly and effectively inspect system activity to ease lot management and oversell inventories.
  • Scalable online payment gateway integration.
    Accept and track credit card, cash, cheques and organization internal payment types.
  • Automate tedious tasks with system timers.
    Unpaid items returned to inventory, yearly permits rolled-over and new lots opened automatically.
  • History archiving and full audit trails.
    User and permit tracking enables rebuilding transactions for permit switches or released permits.
  • Print your own permit and access cards.
    Integration with the barcode module allows permits to be printed with a pre-assigned access code.
    Imagine one sheet of paper containing a client address, permit hang tag and access bar code.
    The only thing missing is the envelope…