Professional Training Saves Time and Money!

Parking and Security Training

Leveraging a comprehensive system like OPS-COM to manage parking operations depends on having well-trained staff that understand the proper way to tie key functionality with business processes for successful, efficient operations. OPS-COM training will allow your parking operations team whether they are new hires or existing staff needing a refresher on best practices to utilize the system to the best ability making your operations as efficient as possible.

Bring New Hires Up To Speed

High staff turnover creates an ongoing demand for training that puts a strain on many parking departments. Our e-training services will provide an efficient, low-cost way to transfer critical knowledge that will shorten the amount of time it takes to train new personnel.

Provide better customer service

It’s a proven fact that investing in training boosts staff retention. Providing ongoing training increases your staff’s confidence which helps ensure that everyone on your team employs a consistent set of best practices on an ongoing basis.

Increase productivity

OPS-COM offers a comprehensive set of features that, when used together, can significantly streamline your operations. Our expert trainers will provide your employees with an understanding of all OPS-COM’s functionalities, abilities, and limitations.

Available Training

System users will learn best practices for implementing and leveraging the functionality of ParkAdmin and ViolationAdmin via a blend of instruction and hands on exercises.

Three-hour Workshops

Our 3 hour workshops will provide participants with a strong grounding in the system abilities and the underlying business logic behind OPS-COM.

Participants have access to the following course options:

  • Counter and Front-Line Staff Overview
  • System Overview for New Hires
  • Permits and Allocations
  • Issuing and Managing Violations

One-hour Workshops

Our 1 hour workshops  were created to offer specialized one-hour training content that covers important day-to-day functionalities within OPS-COM.

  • Configuring Lot Allocations
  • Permit Rollovers to Streamline Renewals
  • Managing Pricing & Lot Administration
  • Understanding User Types and Related Permissions
  • Creating OPS-COM System Reports

Looking for a more customized training program?

We will help to develop a workshop that addresses your specific business needs.