What is PL8-RDR technology?

PL8-RDR (plate reader) technology is the latest development for the OperationsCommander platform.  The technology exposes an interface which improves communication between LPR cameras and Android handhelds.  In the future this technology will maintain a database of vehicle look-ups and further reduce bandwidth requirements in the field.

Imagine a device that validates a plate against synced data in the field, with minimal need to talk to a “head office”.  Such a device could send an SMS text message or an email when a non-valid or vehicle of interest is seen on the premises.

How big is PL8-RDR?

PL8-RDR technology literally fits in the palm of your hand.  When we set out to develop the technology we wanted something that would replace the full sized computers that ride along with patrol personnel.  The technology had to be small and portable and had to fulfill the original scope which included LPR.

How is PL8-RDR Used?

Our PL8-RDR technology exposes a local WIFI network which allows devices to connect.  Supported devices share information related to parking enforcement, including plate images, context images, GPS coordinates, and reference details for registered plates.

Through the use of this small package, plates can be easily validated in the field and details passed back to the main office.  Patrol officers equipped with handheld devices can then issue violations which include images of the offending vehicle and its GPS location.

Before the patrol officer returns to the office, the violation details are online and ready to be paid for by the offending user.

How Hard is Setup?

Setup is quite easy.  In fact, the device is simply plugged into a USB adapter to the cigarette lighter.  Once powered, Android tablets and camera can connect to the device to begin sharing data.  OPS-COM for Android is pre-configured to connect to this tiny LPR gateway.  Cameras may need to be configured before they are used in the field.

Once general configuration is complete (and is only needed to be done once) a patrol officer can be doing complete LPR enforcement in a matter of minutes.

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