Complete Parking Management for your Operation

The ParkAdmin module of Operations Commander (OPS-COM) is a hassle-free parking control solution. It provides an easy way to sell, track, and manage all types of permits online with very little effort.

Using parking control software such as ParkAdmin can guarantee economic return, improved client service, and other benefits to your organization. OPS-COM’s ParkAdmin module enables business rules to be applied to allow a standard or custom strategy for assignment and permit tracking.

The user-friendly portal allows your clients to self-manage parking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users can pay for permits, manage their account, and view their history without contacting your parking and security office.

Affordable and Simple, ParkAdmin, the Valuable Way to Manage Parking

The Benefits Of ParkAdmin:

ParkAdmin InventoryInventory at a Glance

With the ParkAdmin parking management tool you can easily keep an eye on your inventory. It exposes status for permit availability and pricing in one simple interface. ParkAdmin also supports yearly roll overs of users and can manage oversell to maximize parking revenue.

Custom Parking Permit Duration

Sell yearly, temporary or monthly permits using one simple interface to maximum office work flow.

Simple Parking Management

Manage all parking lots and related items from a single permit to a bulk permit range. Adjust how these permits are sold and tracked through user defined lots.


With a simple text message, users can pay for their parking using any mobile phone. Text2ParkMe further enhances the OPS-COM solution offering a next generation of flexible options.

Click here to find out more about Text2ParkMe

Software IntegrationParkAdmin Software integration

OPS-COM can easily integrate with any third party records management solution for single sign-on (SSO) options. OPS-COM can also integrate with multiple parking platforms and payment gateways. The system supports hardware API integration for complete parking and security management.

Secure Online Payments

Payments can be posted straight to your bank account any time of day through a hosted payment or gateway solution. Payroll deduction and campus card are also available as payment types.

Custom Print Ability

Print your own permits and access cards to reduce operating costs. A simple and effective way to maximize your revenue potential.

Simple Reports For Parking

Full audit trails for permits with quick access to financial information. Details related to grouped or single transactions are accessible through the web based system.