Parking and Security Management Made Easy

OperationsCommander (OPS-COM) reduces the cost and burden of manual permit administration,
violation enforcement, and incident reporting by automating parking and security management.

One System – One Platform – One Database

Full-service, cloud-based platform that will scale with your operation.

Parking & Security Platform

OperationsCommander is a complete security management platform.  The software has been developed to scale with any security office.

  • register and track inventory
  • user portal for payments and office interaction
  • issue violations and citations with handheld devices
  • supports single sign-on to many third party systems
  • incident tracking and reporting in police friendly formats

With platform-as-a-service, the OPS-COM system can integrate with any legacy system.

parking and security platform…

Parking Enforcement Simplified

OperationsCommander offers a true self-serve solution.  Patrons can perform transactions from the comfort of their homes or through any standard mobile device.  Patrol staff can validate plates without leaving their enforcement vehicle.

Keep staff safe while offering the best level of client service possible.

parking and security platform…

Automated License Plate Recognition

OperationsCommander offers full integration with three types of fixed and mobile LPR.  Android integration makes it as simple as taking a picture.  Mobile ANPR hardware is so lightweight that patrols can easily transfer it from one vehicle to another.  Our static mounted cameras allow tracking 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Leave behind the need for multiple integrations, numerous troubleshooting environments, and licensing fees.  

license plate recognition...

Artificial Intelligence Under the Hood

Smart LPR - Teach the system

Enforcement with Remote Data Access

OperationsCommander offers in-the-field data queries with full data synchronization.  Patrols have real-time access to data to validate vehicles using text search or LPR integration which is as easy as taking a picture!

Data access in the field.

remote enforcement…

handheld device screenshot 2
Virtual tire chalking


Only limited by our imaginations and project requirements.

We have built security and parking system tools that improve management and increase return on investment (ROI).  All platform modules are designed to work together to share data in real-time throughout the system.  This ensures that OPS-COM clients have the data they need when they need it.

For more information, please review our Client Success Stories.

OperationsCommander will improve your operation processes.



Efficiently track, manage, and record violations using mobile technology. More about Violation Management



Manage caseloads and incidents with comprehensive reporting and data. More about Incident Management



Sell, track and manage all types of permits online effortlessly. More about Parking Management


Software that grows with your operation!

Custom Software

Whether you are looking for a security platform-as-a-service (PaaS), or a solution that offers parking software-as-a-service (SaaS), OPS-COM offers a customizable management solution.

More on SaaS overview

License Plate

Reduce overhead costs, increase revenue, simplify patrols, and read license plates with our PL8RDR LPR system.  We built the OPS-COM license plate recognition system to support many different parking enforcement uses.

More on LPR solutions

SMS Parking

SMS/text message parking offers an efficient, user-friendly mobile payment option without the need for a mobile app.  Text2ParkMe offers an intuitive self-serve temporary parking interface to all system users.

More on Temp parking


  • Automation is key to improving the security response time and fulfilling obligations to keep everyone safe.
  • OperationsCommander is a scalable online solution developed to grow with an organization. 
  • With Android handhelds, patrol staff can easily track or chalk vehicles and issue violations. 
  • Incident tracking complements the OperationsCommander platform by supporting the inter-linking of user profile data.  With numerous system reports, Clery Reporting and general insights can be easily exported from the data.
  • Mobile patrols can use PL8RDR technology for LPR enforcement or LPR chalking vehicles. 
  • Can be used as an access control solution or can be linked to third-party software to improve infrastructure.
  • Access management and monitoring can track who is where, or when they arrive on location.
  • Complete event monitoring for everything to door access, access, and even user system access through alarms and other automation techniques.

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