Parking and Security Management
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OperationsCommander (OPS-COM) helps to reduce the cost and burden of manual permit administration, violation enforcement, and incident reporting by automating your parking and security management and generating more income. OPS-COM provides a full service, cloud-based parking and security software platform that can scale to your operation.

Operations Commander parking enforcement in the field

Remote Data Access

OperationsCommander offers in the field data query with full data synchronization.  Patrols have full access to data for validation of vehicles using text search or LPR integration that is as easy as taking a picture!

Parking and security software in the field.

Zero integrations.  Zero headaches.

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Tattile Mobile ANPR integrated with OperationsCommander

License Plate Recognition

OperationsCommander offers full integration with three types of fixed and mobile LPR.  Android integration makes it as simple as taking a picture.  Mobile ANPR is so lightweight it can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another.  Our static mounted cameras allow tracking 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Leave behind the need for multiple integrations, numerous troubleshooting environments and licensing fees.  Our PL8-RDR technology sets a new standard in simplified LPR.

Automated parking and security software.

Zero integrations.  Zero headaches.

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Text2Park mobile payments

Text-2-Park : Mobile Parking Payments

Text2Park.Me is an integrated feature of our OperationsCommander  parking and security management solution!  Offers parking services to any client through the use of standard cellular phone SMS/text messaging.

  • Allows users to register and extend parking from any location
  • Presents an alternative option for short-term parking
  • No special application downloads
  • Better client experience; end the meter hunt!

Parking and security software that’s easy to use.

Zero integrations.  Zero headaches.

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OperationsCommander will improve your parking and violation process.

Parking and security management made easy!



Efficiently track, manage, and record violations using mobile technology.
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Manage caseloads and incidents with comprehensive reporting and data.
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Sell, track and manage all types of permits online effortlessly.
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Parking and security software that grows with your operation

Custom Software

Whether you are looking for a security platform-as-a-service (PaaS), or a solution that offers parking software-as-a-service (SaaS), OPS-COM offers a fully customizable  cloud-based parking and security management solution for your operation.
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License Plate

Reduce overhead costs, increase revenue and simplify patrols with our PL8-RDR LPR solution.  The OPS-COM license plate recognition system was built from the ground up to support many different parking enforcement uses.
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SMS Parking

SMS/text message parking offers an efficient user friendly mobile payment option without the need of a mobile app.  Text2ParkMe offers an intuitive self-serve temporary parking interface to all system users.
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