Carleton University aimed to provide an adequate level of parking accommodation to university students, staff, and visitors and to offer their customers a quality parking environment that was safe and secure.

Company Profile

  • Currently manages 4600 parking spaces
  • Manages permit issuance, parking violations, locker rentals and incident reporting

Business Situation

Carleton University wanted to procure a software system that could improve efficiency and reduce overhead. Wanting to move away from a paper system they needed a system that would provide an audit trail as well as link permits with users and vehicles.

Technical Situation

Since the parking services department wanted to put the data entry portion into the customer’s hands they needed a system that would easy to use for users and wasn’t labor intensive to use for administrators.  They were also looking for a flexible system that had the ability to add new capabilities for violation enforcement, security and dispatch reporting and incorporate other technology so all departmental needs were under one umbrella as the university adapted with changing environments.


Our Goal was to implement our ParkAdmin, ViolationAdmin and IncidentAdmin modules to work with Carleton University parking operations efficiently and cost effectively. Since Carleton only had a small parking office in the beginning we offered them the ParkAdmin component of OPS-COM that would allow for online permit and locker registration in the beginning.

As their parking department grew from a small parking office to a full blown parking and security department we were able to continually upgrade their system to add the capabilities of ViolationAdmin for electronic real time violation management for parking enforcement as well as IncidentAdmin for electronic incident tracking for comprehensive reporting for campus security.

With custom development we were able to integrate other hardware technologies into the full system as the campus expanded to eliminate the need for multiple programs and screen swapping. For Carleton University the investment of OPS-COM was geared specifically for their needs.


By implementing the OPS-COM system Carleton University was able to see an ROI within a year of purchasing the software for permit and locker issuance by creating a lucrative revenue stream. They saw an increasing profit margin by decreasing their overhead and increasing their efficiency.

The new system provided different options for students to pay for their parking as well as legitimate tracking ability and audit trails for administration and users. The worry of lost paperwork became an issue of the past. Since the system was built to be flexible, it was able to grow further to allow and integrate dispatch and incident reporting as well as integrate with hardware options.

Products and Services

  • Full OPS-COM system with ParkAdmin that offers online permits, hosted payments for credit and debit transactions, reports for permit, vehicle and financial tracking
  • Text2ParkMe for temporary parking payment options and temp permits for temporary permit issuance with tracking and reporting capabilities
  • ViolationAdmin with wireless handhelds that use new tablet technology for real time enforcement offering violation hot spots with GPS tracking, comprehensive tracking of scofflaws and repeat offenders as well as online appeals for users and administrators
  • IncidentAdmin for comprehensive reporting to pull statistics, manage case loads, relate one incident to another and track users for security personnel
  • Dispatch functionality for improved access to information to link previous incidents together within an electronic database and create a safer environment for patrol officers
  • Integration with CALE pay and display payment hardware systems and LPR technology for advanced ticketing