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Contactless Parking Garage

20 Years of Contactless Parking

Contactless Parking During COVID-19 Before the start of the pandemic, people would choose where to park based on factors like location, price, accessibility, etc. Now that the risk of infection is on everyoneโ€™s minds, every business or institution that offers paid parking must prioritize something else for their customers: safety from Covid-19. In the field…

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LPR the Ultimate Technology for Efficient Parking Enforcement

Static and mobile LPR (License Plate Recognition) are fast becoming the most efficient technology improvements for parking. Law enforcement agencies and parking management suppliers have opted to support the new technology that is considered helpful and useful by their staff. LPR is a system used to capture and analyze license plates. It can be used…

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Advancements for Parking Citations

Did you know innovative Android technology is emerging when it comes to ticketing and parking citations for patrol officers? This Android parking enforcement technology makes processing parking citations and infraction issuance easy with any smartphone or wireless tablet. Enhancing the administrator user interface and creating more accurate citations that are 80% faster to produce. Technology geared toward helping organizations…