Customer service remains a primary focus as we end the year

Customer service remains a primary focus as we end the year

Customer service is key to a successful business. As another year has come and gone, we’re looking back on the past 12 months.  Here at OPS-COM, we’ve done some pretty exciting things so far in 2017.  The feedback we’ve received about our customer service team is one we’re most pleased about.

Every OPS-COM client has a choice of support packages with the most popular being the Standard Plus package. It includes multiple ways they can access our customer support team.  We continually assess the support our customers receive by asking for feedback following a support ticket.  And this year, the data is shining.

In 2017, our two principal customer support team members, Justin and John, did some things we’re pretty proud of:

On a customer service mission

The roles Justin and John fill are fundamental to what the entire team at OperationsCommander does.  First of all, it’s our corporate mission to provide parking management and security management software that is both technologically advanced and easy to use.  So, if our clients struggle with something, we’re not fulfilling our mission.  That’s where Justin and John step in to get clients past the struggles and back to using the system effortlessly.

Other great things in 2017

However, customer support is also about answering questions, training and supporting new features and releases of the OPS-COM platform. 2017 saw a multitude of system enhancements that made the technology better and the client experience easier.  Here are just a few:

A new major version for Android was released and included support for the OPS-COM LPR solution.  The updated Android release also added some other exciting features like:

You can see more of the Android software features that were part of this release on our product wiki.

Significant improvements were made to functionality when managing both violations and offenses. Here are a few of the features, while you can read about all of the changes on our wiki.

We also made updates to the permit and company management functionality.  Here are a few of the features, while complete details are available on the wiki.

Welcome 2018

We’re looking forward to another great year in 2018. Most of all, we’re looking forward to continuing to provide exceptional customer service.  Here are a few things you can expect to see from us in 2018.

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