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Effortlessly sell, track, and manage all types of parking permits online.

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Streamline violation management and record-keeping with the power of mobile technology.

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Stay on top of incidents and handle them efficiently with comprehensive reporting.

Fully Integrated Payment Options

Numerous payment gateways, third party support, and even payroll deduction.

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Let users self-manage with a mobile app,
web portal, QR barcodes, Text2park.me


One System - One Platform - One Database

OPS-COM can be used to manage all aspects of parking, including temporary permits, parking validation, and parking enforcement.

With integrated remote handhelds and license plate recognition (LPR) cameras, OPS-COM offers in-the-field vehicle validation and traffic control.

"We are quite satisfied with the offerings ParkAdmin, ViolationAdmin and IncidentAdmin. It has been customized to our unique environment making it extremely responsive and can be accessed anywhere, giving us the efficiency we need."

Brian Billings
Director, Campus Security at Carleton University

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