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Customer service remains a primary focus as we end the year

Customer service is key to a successful business. As another year has come and gone, weโ€™re looking back on the past 12 months.  Here at OPS-COM, weโ€™ve done some pretty exciting things so far in 2017.  The feedback weโ€™ve received about our customer service team is one weโ€™re most pleased about. Every OPS-COM client has…

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ParkAdmin re-branded to OperationsCommander

The software application formerly known as ParkAdmin has been re-branded to OperationsCommander. As a result, the re-branding means ParkAdmin itself becomes a module of the more extensive system. During its life, ParkAdmin grew into something much more substantial than just a parking application. Due to now using this tool for the management of Violations, Lockers,…