Parking and Security Case Study: The Village at Valley Forge

Client Overview

Industry  Private Municipal
  • 122 acres total
  • 2,500 residential
  • 500k sq ft retail
  • 1m sq ft office & healthcare
  • 2 hotels
Location  King of Prussia, PA

The Village at Valley Forge is a 122 acre “mixed-use lifestyle environment” and essentially a community where you can live, shop, work and even get healthcare within.

The client was dealing with illegal parkers who were parking at the mall overnight without valid parking passes.  These violators were creating a customer service issue as parking was not available to those that had permits.

Valley Forge has a 3-strikes and you’re towed policy at the time however, they needed a way to efficiently track repeat offenders so that they could enforce this rule and were under a lot of pressure from the community so they needed a solution quickly. We had them up and running in just under a month.

Parking & Security Challenges

  • Track violations accurately in a way that will easily show repeat offenders (KEY)
  • Keep community safe (KEY)
  • Ensure a high quality of service (KEY)
  • Meeting their mission
  • Issue and track violations
  • Work together with local police

Technology Solutions

OperationsCommanderโ€˜s ViolationAdmin allowed the client to identify repeat offenders and implement their 3-strike policy. We have provided the Village at Valley Forge with a parking and violations database that will maintain a thorough history of all created records.

The client was constantly being asked for evidence leading up to โ€œthe third strikeโ€ tow. With ViolationAdmin patrol officers can attach images to the violation, making disputes very difficult for the offender.

ViolationAdmin for parking enforcement

  • Allows users to pay and dispute violations online
  • Remote data access using Android handhelds
  • Supports virtual chalking with remote sharing to all connected violation devices
  • Easily attach multiple images to support virtual chalking and violations

Parking and Security Project Results

ViolationAdmin is a perfect fit for the Village at Valley Forge. The cloud-based parking enforcement system makes data access available to staff members securely.

Through the use of role-based permissions, the staff has access to only the areas they need to be able to fulfill their specific job function.

The OPS-COM system interlinks data allowing for quick and efficient access to information whether in the field or in the office. Self-managed profiles mean that their customers are able to select and pay for parking violations at any time of the day and from anywhere.

Resulting Benefits

  • Seamlessly connect different business functions through one common interface
  • Allow staff to interact with data and communication tools as a single solution
  • Virtual chalking โ€“ Complete with photos of violations/confirmation, making disputes easier
  • Online violation appeals
  • Violation reports


The Village at Valley Forge could potentially utilize the entireย OperationsCommander platformย by addingย ParkAdminย andย IncidentAdminย to their parking operations.

We continue to work with the Village at Valley Forge to help them find ways to meet their mission.