COVID Pushed the Tech Agenda

COVID Pushed the Tech Agenda

It’s nice to know that the light we see at the end of the tunnel is not another train. If you’re like me, you’re likely getting tired of the lockdowns but also very frustrated with all those that aren’t following the guidelines and stretching things out.

Please, Get Your Shot!

This past week my wife and I were vaccinated. We arrived 2 hours before the local pharmacy opened and sat in lawn chairs in 4-degree weather while we patiently waited to be seen. It was reminiscent of waiting in line to get tickets to a concert. There were many like us, and over the course of 2 hours, the line grew the length of the parking lot.

When our small town pharmacy opened, and everyone was assigned their place in line, the woman handing out the tags said she had handed out 100 and had done so every day that week.

Yay! Thank goodness there are so many that are taking this seriously. I know I’m not alone when I say that I am looking forward to things returning to what I remember as normal 1.5 years ago. Wow, time flies…

Accepted Changes to Business

Like so many other industries, parking has been hit hard by COVID. It’s something that 2 years ago I would not have thought would have been affected by.. well, anything. So many people drive, and as they say, “every car on the road is looking for a place to park.” No cars on the road mean they are happily parked somewhere already.

If anyone had told me 2 years ago that hospitals, airports, schools would be shut down over the period of a year, I would have thought they were crazy; who wouldn’t?! Yet here we are, with all of these industries choked by an unseen enemy.

Nothing to Celebrate, but Perhaps a Silver Lining?

Some of the good things that come from this are a massive push forward in technology related to the industry. We’ll benefit for years to come just due to people being more comfortable with technology and its place in their lives. Video meetings have become a part of regular business and will likely stay. Telework was always a thing, but now more so than at any other time in history.

Just as sliding doors at supermarkets helped reduce touchpoints, parking has been evolving to offer the same level of personal security. The pandemic pushed the agenda, and clients now expect adoption. We’ve offered a paperless, contactless parking solution for many years, and recently we’ve noticed a noticeable uptick in the interest around these solutions.

The End is Near

I hope that you and your family are healthy and safe and if you have the opportunity to get the shot, please do so. Normal may not be what we remember but may actually be a whole lot better once this pandemic is behind us.

Take care and stay safe.

Robin Mulloy

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