Available Security Options and Training

For companies looking to bring added security to their system to support strong risk management to limit liability. These security enhancements reduce potential impact of a security breach that gives organizations a peace of mind. These enhanced security protection and training options include:

Account Audit

Regular account audits help you understand the accounts you have set up in your system, what information they have access to, and how they are used. These audits show you where people might have access to information they shouldn’t, users who have an irregular log in or use patterns, and IP trends that might be a signal of potential threats.

Password Strength Requirements

Configure your password requirements so users must create strong, less vulnerable passwords. Set a minimum number of characters, requirements for letters and symbols, and preventing the username and password from being the same.

Password Expiry

Set your limit for how long a user can keep a password. We’ll provide advice and guidance for how to configure this specifically for your organization.

Lockout Protocol

Create your limits for the number of attempts at logging in before a user is locked out. You can also create lockout protocols for specific IP locations or account criteria.

1-Hour Employee Security Training

So you don’t have to develop your own training, we’ll deliver a session on the importance of the new security features and why a password policy is critical, how roles will affect permissions especially as they relate to their responsibilities. Plus, we’ll provide webinar access to future training for staff.