Enhanced security a touch away

Enhanced System Security helps to prevent any issues before they occur, OPS-COM has standard security features for risk management, as well as offer additional access to enhanced security options and training to implement best practices for parking and security departments. OPS-COM already keeps your information safe.

Enhanced System Security

OperationsCommander offers a complete turnkey approach to system and client security.  We offer out-of-the-box security and also offer heightened security with many options to fine tune and configure your system to match your business rules.  System administration and related security is a primary focus to ensure stability and security for your users.

With any standard OPS-COM install your data is protected and secured with these features:

Secure SSL Encryption

We use an SSL protocol to deliver a secure link between your OPS-COM system, your clients and our servers.  All data is encrypted and protected.  We are PCI compliant and maintain this status through third party scans and self assessments.

Hosted Payment Delivery

OPS-COM utilizes hosted payments which alleviate strict PCI compliance guidelines for organizations and reduces the risk of financial information falling into the wrong hands. Hosted payments also add the additional option of debit payment for one of your payment options. In all cases, OPS-COM is ompatible with these payment providers TouchNet, CHASE PaymenTech, Moneris, PayPal and Authorize.net

Password Encryption

Hashed and salted encryption methods prevent passwords from being read, copied, or reverse engineered.  Often users re-use passwords across many devices and platforms, by  hashing or encrypting passwords we ensure that passwords are not accessible.

Secure Password Delivery

Password resets are completed via a secure link and never emailed.  Users control the password reset process and the process never involves the transmission of a user password with plain-text.

Automatic Account Reset

When passwords change, users are required to change their password when they next log in.

OperationsCommander on a mobile device - Enhanced System Security