3rd Party Parking Management

How Beneficial is 3rd Party Parking Management?

Self-managing  your parking using Admin staff to maintain spreadsheets that record all the permit sales and ordering of hang tags and decals is costly and administratively cumbersome. Applying this solution doesn’t take into account who will provide enforcement which could make ROI questionable due to high costs. Options are available for organizations requiring solutions to manage their parking problems.

Outsourcing to a 3rd Party

Outsourcing the staff, the system, or both is an option that requires careful analysis of ROI considerations. Every couple of years you must evaluate the 3rd party and ensure they are doing the best for your organization and generating revenues that make sense from a business perspective. If it isn’t, then you need to search out either another supplier or start from scratch again.

In some cases, 3rd party vendors will not allow you to migrate your data, or they put it in a proprietary format that you can’t easily use. This makes starting over more costly due to the time and process already invested.  The process could be extremely troublesome in the long term.


  • You will not have to deal with the parking system or staff and you can focus on other tasks


  • Integration with other in-house software systems is often problematic and in most cases can’t be done
  • All revenues come in house but are reduced as 3rd party costs for dealing with all software and personnel are higher
  • Staff replacement can be more difficult and cumbersome when performance issues arise
  • 3rd party contract renewal can be time consuming and create unwarranted issues creating extra administrative costs
  • Customer satisfaction and end-user experiences are negatively impacted by change due to 3rd party turnarounds
  • New signage and branding of consumables and hardware may be required if change is required adding long term costs
  • Without control of staffing, high turnover rates may be a factor.  You will be left dealing with an external HR for all staffing issues and have less information or say on applicants and employees for highly sensitive personal data

Operation Commander Offers a Total Solution

OPS-COM gives you ownership of the whole package giving you long term hassle free parking management.


  • The system is purchased and licensed to your organization
  • It is a modular product so you only purchase what you need
  • It is a hosted solution. There is no need for you to monitor technology in house
  • It is easy to use and extremely user friendly, cutting down on training time
  • Site specific modifications allows integration with in-house software and custom reports for a more thorough and efficient parking management system
  • Android and Blue-tooth printers are cost-effective and easily replaced in the event of breakage or technology upgrades
  • Annual or multi-year contracts for hosting and support are available
  • Unlike many other parking management systems OPS-COM offers unlimited Admin Users
  • With Internal Staffing You Allow:
    • a productive team that can be monitored by your organization
    • lower turnover resulting in less training and higher ROI
    • reduced costs from externally searching for 3rd party management
    • full control of all costs associated with parking management

You will experience major cost savings and improved efficiency through a properly managed, in-house system with a higher ROI.

Outsourced Staffing While Using OPS-COM

Organizations can consider out-sourcing staffing with OPS-COM since the solution provides the tools to manage parking and security. There are many things to consider when evaluating your outsourcing options.


  • The system is owned by you with full administrative control
  • The OPS-COM system is the standard and never needs to be replaced
  • Staff training is consistent
  • There can be less internal overhead if carefully managed
  • Staffing and HR are under outside control this may mean less headaches for you
  • A wider field of third party organizations can be leveraged from staffing agencies to security guard companies to parking service suppliers


  • In addition to the Cons already considered with outsourcing above you will need to further consider that staffing costs will be approximately double depending on the agency used. Costs depends on many factors, from the presence of Unions to existing wage restrictions which could ultimately affect your bottom line.
  • It just makes good business sense to have a stable, consistent platform to manage your parking needs allowing your organization to grow in the future and while maximizing parking profits
  • No matter what the needs of your organization, OPS-COM will simplify your life