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LPR Camera Technology Doesn’t Trump Student and Staff Demands.

Ole Miss Retracts Parking Policy.

The University of Mississippi has plans for a staged introduction of LPR camera technology on campus.  One of the first steps was to create policy prohibiting vehicles from backing into or driving through parking spaces in an effort to keep license plates easily readable by the mobile cameras.

After announcing that violations would be issued for those who didn’t adhere to the new policy, the campus Parking and Transportation department received backlash from students and staff citing safety and other issues around the new policy.  In response to the negative feedback, they’ve retracted the new policy.

Ole Miss had planned to phase in the LPR technology, starting with this policy change, and then introducing a dual system of LPR and printed permits for the first year.  2019 is scheduled to see the campus eliminating the printed permit and using LPR on its lots.  You can read more about the University’s decision in The DM Online. 

LPR accuracy

There are circumstances when LPR cameras are not able to read a license plate and how a vehicle is parked can be one of them.  LPR cameras have been in use for decades and the technology has improved considerably over that time.  However, the physical ability of the camera to see the license plate can be a limiting factor.  We cover other issues of LPR camera accuracy in our blog License Plate Recognition ROI.