North Vancouver Parking Study

LPR parking data supports parking study in North Vancouver

MMM Group worked with the District of North Vancouver to complete a parking study in the Deep Cove residential community, and they used License Plate Recognition technology to do it faster and with fewer resources.

The community was looking to strike the right balance for the parking needs of residents and businesses with the tourists that visit the community.  MMM started their study with data collection including average and peak parking occupancy, duration and turnover, and trip origin.  Instead of manually collecting the last four digits of each license plate, which   was traditionally done, MMM used an LPR equipped vehicle to collect the data making the process easier and faster.

“This is an unusual and new use of LPR technology to solve a common challenge for municipalities, cities, developers, and planners…” their website says.

One of the many benefits to LPR technology is the data collection and what it can mean to improving your operations.  The data can help organizations find ways to identify and improve parking using things like violation statistics that help identify hot spots, better understanding of occupancy rates, and using historical data to predict future demands.   We covered some examples of parking data being used by Edmonton, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco in an earlier blog that also provides some tips on how to use data from an LPR system.

Read more about the MMM and District of North Vancouver project here.