Take Your Operation on the Road

Our OPS-COM for Android parking enforcement application allows for the simplified retrieval and management of violations by security staff in the field. Users can quickly view and record details specific to vehicles on location.

Merging new information with the cloud based application software enables your office to be proactive and efficient.  Imagine data available where you need it, and when you need it.

With vehicle and permit query tools important information is literally a few clicks away.

Integration with a belt clipped Bluetooth printer enables patrol officers or any staff with an Android device to issue violations within a seamless interface. With in the field data sync, violation details will be readily available for user appeals and payments long before security staff return to the office.

Point. Click. Enforce.

Also known as LPR, ALPR (automation license plate recognition) and ANPR (automatic numeric plate recognition).

We are focued on streamlining parking and security management operations through the use of LPR (License Plate Recognition) technology.  LPR technology allows a patrol officer to quickly scan plates by pointing an LPR enabled device at vehicle tags/plates.

Patrol staff can scan vehicles with vehicle mounted cameras, or by simply taking a picture with an OPS-COM enabled tablet.

Read more about our license plate recognition technology.