Parking and security platform with OPS-COM

A Parking and Security Platform for
Parking, Violation and Incident Management

  • parking management


    Simplified Parking Management

    Sell, track and manage all types of permits online effortlessly and cost-effectively with ease.

    • User-Friendly
    • Flexible
    • Secure
  • incident management


    Enhanced Incident Management

    Comprehensive reporting to pull statistics, manage caseloads and relate incidents within your facility.

    • Accurate
    • Extensive
    • Dependable
  • violation management


    Innovative Violation Management

    Use mobile technology to efficiently query and track vehicles, manage users and record violations.

    • Wireless
    • Digital
    • Automatic

With OPS-COM you get a reliable, expandable platform for Parking, violation and incident management together or independently.  The cloud-based platform offers modules that your operations demands today, while still giving you the room to grow and change.  Fully automate your manual tasks to create a more efficient and effective system.

Our expandable solution is not your typical “off the shelf” parking management solution.  We are the first in the industry to provide permit management, enforcement and incident tracking within a modular base for a completely integrated product for parking, enforcement and security needs in one main communication center.

  • Permit management with ParkAdmin
  • Text2ParkMe mobile payments
  • Temporary permit management
  • Wait list management
  • Print your own permits
  • Vehicle management
  • Citation management with ViolationAdmin
  • Citation payments
  • Handheld unit software with LPR and GPS mapping
  • Appeals management
  • License Plate Recognition enforcement
  • License plate recognition entry/exit point software
  • Traffic violation ticketing
  • Electronic case reporting with IncidentAdmin
  • Dispatch logging management
  • Crime trend management and case load management
  • Officer task management
  • Alarms & Warnings management for vehicle or person of interest
  • Customer management
  • Forms management
  • Do Not Ticket and Tow management
  • Locker management

One Truly Reliable Solution

Our modules can be enabled as time goes on for future needs or all at once in the beginning.  With the systems ability to integrate with other data systems our clients get what they are looking for, one solution to manage all their parking, enforcement and security needs.  The administrative back end function is the intelligence of OPS-COM and offers all control and data in the parking and security managements hands for reporting and analytics.  OPS-COM offers a complete overview of your whole parking, citation and incident infrastructure with a click of a button.