Incident Management with full Tracking, Assigning, and Reporting Abilities

IncidentAdmin is an all-in-one incident management platform for security teams to manage all aspects of physical security, investigations, and caseloads.  It has been designed to suit the needs of a variety of operations including Colleges and Universities, private facility security, and niche security teams.

Our cloud-based platform will allow you to streamline your incident information sharing with an unlimited number of users allowed.  These users can be carefully defined by each organization, using our extensive role-based access control feature to carefully define each admin’s access based on their specific job function.  From the super user down to the front desk clerk, anyone who can provide relevant information to your incident database can have role specific access to the platform.  The ability to create dispatch logs, incident reports and to link relevant data to these different security files will increase your security environment while reducing your incident occurrences and liability.

  • Caseload and incident management including real-time dispatch
  • Subject profiling and auto-notification for watch list subjects
  • Documentation for interviews and evidence gathering
  • Comprehensive reporting on security trends and investigations
  • Role-based access control for unlimited users
  • Clery Reporting & Compliance
Violations Administration

What can you do with IncidentAdmin?