two officers with realtime notification on handheld

Automate Alarms for Instant Notification of Blacklists

Improve security with automated alarms for blacklists individuals and vehicles, and an automated “BOLO” process for the safety of your security staff. Once tagged, IncidentAdmin will automatically notify relevant users when a subject on the blacklist is identified.  Identification comes through an issued citation, vehicle identification on LPR cameras, use of an access card, or manual identification in a dispatch or incident record.  This includes automatic notification on all hand-held devices for field staff.

Tag Individuals and Vehicles of Interest

  • Add People or License Plate blacklist alarms to individual and vehicle records
  • Add history details or comments to tagged subjects
  • Admin users have unlimited access to tagged subjects to make informed decision

Customize Notification Settings

  • Define alarm access and notification protocols for your user types
  • Establish parameters for information accessed in alarm records
  • Create custom protocols for alarm responses based on alarm type