Realtime security alerts and alarms automated for your operation

You can customize the OPS-COM system to define security alerts and how and when your team receives notice that a person or vehicle of interest has been identified.  With the alerts and alarms being activated by a number of different triggers increasing the value of OPS-COM IncidentAdmin package.  With specific people and vehicle alarms organizations can improve workplace safety for their security personnel with proper information sharing and notifications.

Keep your team safe by pushing alerts and alarms directly to their handheld devices.

Add Alerts to People or Vehicles of Interest

  • You can tag individuals or vehicles in the system using a People Alarm or a License Plate Alarm.  Both allow you to add comments about the alert to better inform your team.
  • Your admin team has access to the complete details about an alert so they can determine the best course of action.
  • You define how and what alerts are used for in your organization.
People alert

Triggering a Security Alert

An alert is triggered when it is identified by the system.  This can happen in several different ways including:

  • A citation being written to the person or vehicle
  • Vehicle identification from a LPR camera
  • An access card is used on campus
  • Manual input into the system
handheld alert

Automatic Alarm Notification

System administrators can define how to notify your team that a person or vehicle of interest has been identified.  The setup can include parameters around what information is shared and who can see it for extra permissions.

Notifications can be received in the field with handheld devices, as flags when logged into the system, or sent via email to specific people.  Patrol teams would get automatic notifications on their handheld device when they enter a name or license plate into the system that had an alert attached in the database allowing for better information sharing.

Your administration team determines if, when, and how to dispatch patrols.