Simplified alerts to your patrol team handheld devices

Keeping your patrol teams safe, prepared, and informed with current alert information to their patrol handheld devices.  Color-coded alerts helps your team understand what is urgent and a priority.

Vital Information is Available and Secure

Patrol officers receive alert notifications on their handheld devices whenever an administrator issues an alert to the patrol team.  Complete details about the alert are not displayed on the device for security reasons but notifying security personnel that this is person or vehicle of interest.  Patrols are required to log into the system to see the full messages so officers have the information they need for effective patrols at their fingertips.

See Immediate Notifications

Alerts will display on the handheld patrol devices as they come in, and they can be viewed later in the Message Alerts tab for security personnel in the field.

Message Alerts tab on patrol devices

Categorize Alerts for Easy Reference

Administrators or managers initiate all alerts, including how to categorize them for easy reference by your team.

Alerts can be created in three different categories to help your team quickly determine the urgency of the message.

  • Yellow Alerts: used to inform personnel of events that should be monitored
  • Blue Alerts: for informational purposes
  • Red Alerts: for situations that require immediate action
Alert categories on patrol devices