PL8RDR Simplifies License Plate Recognition


Imagine a device that autonomously validates a plate with LPR and automates enforcement against near real-time data in the field.

Such a device could send an SMS text message or an email when a non-valid or vehicle of interest (be-on-the-lookout; BOLO) is ‘seen’; such a device exists!

PL8RDR (plate reader) LPR enforcement technology is the latest development for the OperationsCommander platform.  The technology exposes an interface which improves communication between license plate recognition LPR cameras and Android handhelds.  In the future, this technology will maintain a database of vehicle look-ups and further reduce bandwidth requirements in the field.

When we set out to develop LPR enforcement we were focused on a solution that would be portable, easy to set up, and affordable. PL8RDR is all of these things and is surprisingly powerful for the small footprint of the resulting technology. The technology is also very straightforward to configure and can in most cases be fully operational shortly after applying physical connections.

PL8RDR Overview



This new version offers an industrial design in a noiseless fanless aluminium chassis.   With 2 x RJ45 connections this device supports both a redundant wired and wireless connection to camera hardware.  Solid state throughout means no moving parts and the system processing speed will amaze.

General installations include 2 cameras, but this system can support 4 or even 6 cameras with one or more in-vehicle Android devices.

Autonomously scan plates with our completely hands-free PL8-RDR LPR enforcement system!


The technology literally fits in the palm of your hand.  When we set out to develop the technology we wanted something that would replace the full sized computers that ride along with patrol personnel.  The technology had to be small and portable and had to fulfil the original scope which included LPR.

The original system was developed to work with RaspberryPI and a Huawei 3G/4G modem.  The modem offered the necessary WIFI access point for network bridging and connectivity.

The system worked exceptionally well in a research and development environment and was the perfect proof of concept.


Our PL8RDR LPR enforcement and parking control technology exposes a local WIFI network.  Supported devices share information related to parking enforcement, including plate images, context images, GPS coordinates, and reference details for registered plates.

Through the use of this small package, plates can be easily validated in the field and details passed back to the main office.  Patrol officers equipped with handheld devices can issue violations which include images of the offending vehicle and its GPS location.

Before the patrol officer returns to the office, the violation details are online and ready to be paid for by the offending user.

Simple Setup

Setup is quite easy.  In fact, the v1.0 device is simply plugged into a USB adapter to the cigarette lighter. Once powered, Android tablets and camera can connect to the device to begin sharing data.  OPS-COM for Android is pre-configured to connect to either tiny LPR gateway.  Cameras configured before they are used in the field send LPR data ready to be processed.

Once the general configuration is complete (and is only needed to be done once) a patrol officer can be doing complete parking enforcement in a matter of minutes.

PL8RDR Future

For the future of the PL8RDR, we can expect a remote device that mounts with static cameras to maintain their own copy of data.  The device will be able to maintain black and white vehicle lists and notify the head office as necessary upon “seeing” certain vehicle plates.   As well such a system might maintain a list of allowed vehicles or track in-out privileges of users in a self-contained device.

The future is definitely bright for license plate recognition and we continue to bounce ideas around as to how we can continue to improve the parking and security industry.  Development is often driven by client needs, and we are always willing to work with clients to develop solutions that best meet their requirements.

For more information about this amazing technology, contact us today!