Parking Permit Management Software for Your Operation

The OPS-COM parking permit management software module also known as ParkAdmin handles all forms of permitting for parking administrators.   Whether you use a traditional printed permit or a virtual permit model, you’re in control of time allotments, price adjustments, virtual lots, and multiple vehicle permit association.

Self-Serve Parking

Through ParkAdmin, your customers have full self-managed functionality with a cloud based online portal to access, purchase, and pay for their parking permits.  With such an online model you will save time, make better use of your resources, build revenue opportunities, and offer an improved customer experience to your clients.

Temp Parking

ParkAdmin offers seamless temporary parking through the use of Text2ParkMe and/or integration with T2 and CALE payment terminals.  Parking permits can also be purchased for long term use and can be purchased through many different payments provider integrations.  This allows your office to operate in a true 24 hour, 7 day a week model reducing staff overhead and improving customer service.

Parking Enforcement with one Shared Database

The ParkAdmin parking permit management software offers full integration to a shared database of client and vehicle records.  Parking enforcement is seamless and all data is accessible in a remote environment.  Parking patrol staff have full access to query vehicle plates, or through the use of license plate recognition (LPR) vehicles can be monitored through custom system automation.

ParkAdmin parking permit management software

Create efficiency and profitability with ParkAdmin

ParkAdmin is parking permit management software full of powerful features

Easily manage a mix of permits

Whether you operate 50 spaces or 50,000; manage lots, on-street parking, or both; or have variable parking rules, ParkAdmin gives you an easy way of managing as many combination of permits you need to maximize the use of your spaces.

Learn more about virtual lots and parking allocations.

Simplified reporting

All OPS-COM systems come with predefined reports for easy statistical and trend analysis. Custom parking reports can be easily created to support any requirement.  Several predefined reports include: permits awaiting payments, permit sales by month, temp permit report, waiting list report, Text2ParkMe mobile usage report.

Learn more about the reporting features with ParkAdmin

PCI-DSS compliance

To support your requirements for PCI-DSS Compliance, ParkAdmin supports either an integrated payment gateway or a hosted payment model for payment processing and transactions.  OPS-COM integrates with many payment providers, including: Moneris, Chase, TouchNet, and PayPal.

Reliable system security

Keep your system and data secure with the standard features available through ParkAdmin and all OPS-COM modules including secure SSL encryption, hosted payment delivery, password encryption, secure password delivery, and automatic account reset.

Learn more about OPS-COM security features.

Custom permit printing

Printing your own permits and access cards is a simple and easy way to reduce operating costs.  You can also give your customers the option to print a temporary permit until they receive their permanent one.

See how we helped the Burlington International Airport do this.

Integrate with other systems

The entire OPS-COM platform, including the ParkAdmin module, supports API integration with other systems such as active directory (LDAP), third party records management solutions (Banner), payment gateways, and other parking data platforms.

See our integration partners.  

Improved customer experience with self-managed tools

24/7 online access

A user-friendly, online interface gives customers access to a self-serve portal portal where they can purchase parking permits and review their account information and payment history.

Custom parking permits

Sell yearly, temporary, or monthly permits to support the demands of your clients. Offer clients a roll-over option from year to year for better customer service.

Mobile payments built right in

Text2ParkMe lets customers pay for short term parking from a mobile phone without downloading an app.  Because it is built in to ParkAdmin, you forgo the complexity of 3rd party integration required with other mobile payment options.