License Plate Recognition Offers Advanced Features to Improve Operations

License Plate Recognition integrated with OPS-COM gives you better parking enforcement and overall security management with direct integration to ParkAdminViolationAdmin and IncidentAdmin modules. The system integrates all software and hardware necessary to create an efficient and secure enforcement solution into one package, reducing complexity, increasing functionality, and improving usability for patrol officers.

The functionality of the OPS-COM License Plate Recognition module is available on your choice of our enforcement handhelds, a static camera (at a gate or entrance), or mounted on a vehicle, keeping the system flexible to fit your business and budget.  Our module has a 98% accuracy rate, so you can confidently increase efficiency and space availability for your parking management. Plus, the OPS-COM solution offers complete integration with all many vendors of parking and security data.

Our LPR module gives your organization the ability to effectively verify permits, identify scofflaws, issue citations, and see vehicle location in real time all within one easy to use system that supports a virtual permit environment, reduces the need for plastic or paper permits, and brings you other features such as:

Watch LPR in Action

Virtual Chalking

Monitor vehicles with new chalking methods.

  • Patrol officers are able to virtually chalk a vehicle by using a combination of GPS technology and the camera function to tag a location and time stamp of vehicle information
  • Our LPR module lets you monitor a vehicles location over time offering better space management with visibility into how long a vehicle has been in a single location, or how long they have been in a specific zone.
  • Virtually chalking allows patrol officers to track a vehicle that moves from one location to another within the patrol zone notifying your patrol team of a vehicle that has parked beyond their time limit even if they moved their vehicle multiple times.
license plate recognition virtual chalking

Zone Allocations

Maximize parking for alternative revenue generation.

  • Cover more than one parking lot zone with zone allocations for virtual lots with multiple zones.
  • Configure each zone for specific times to maximize your parking spaces.
  • Gain flexibility in defining permits with multiple parking opportunities and fees for each lot.
LPR parking zone allocations

Identify Watch List Vehicles

Improve identification of scofflaws and vehicles of interest.

  • Full viewing, tracking and updating of license plate recognition events
  • License Plate Recognition module will automatically notify your patrols when a scofflaw or vehicle of interested is identified so you can take action.
  • The identification process is automatic and does not require any additional steps by your team
  • OPS-COM uses real-time information so your team has access to the most current data on a permits and vehicles
license plate recognition capture log - vehicle monitoring

GPS Mapping

Get a clear view of where parking violations are occurring.  

  • Virtual chalking tracks vehicles and their location; static or mobile license plate recognition cameras feed data into the system
  • Violations are mapped in real-time so you have insight into violation hot spots to efficiently manage your patrols and identify violations.
  • Patrols have instant access to all vehicle and lot details in real time to identify trends that can help you improve your parking management.
GPS tracking for violations and virtual chalking