Parking Management Software with Many Features

ParkAdmin is a parking management software solution that is flexible and scalable.  Whether you are managing 50 parking stalls or 50 parking lots ParkAdmin has all the features to assist in all areas of permit management.

The user interface and administrative interface both scale to support an unlimited number or end users or administrators.  The system scales in all areas and is only limited by your imagination or business processes.  Our in-house developers and parking specialists can help turn any idea into a parking management reality.

As a cloud based solution, ParkAdmin offers secure (PCI-DSS) remote access to administer parking from around the corner or around the world.

OPS-COM is a unique solution that offers parking, enforcement and security reporting in a single platform without the need of integrations. There are plenty of solutions on the market but none that provide tracking of permits, enforcement and incidents accordingly.

There is no need for outside systems to pull and share data for permit management, violation enforcement, license plate technology, mobile payments or incident tracking and reporting since it’s built into one platform with OPS-COM



  • Change pricing and payment methods for specific permits
  • Customize internal parking permit printing and lamination
  • Restrict the number of permits a customer can purchase
  • Return and resell permits with a release permit option
  • Associate multiple license plates with one permit
  • Associate multiple parking passes to a single user
  • Set permit pricing, tax and expiration dates
LPR parking zone allocations

Other features

  • Track numbered permits as they are being issued
  • View customer activity and invoices including customers, permits, vehicle information, payment history, and notes in real-time with archiving capabilities
  • Change the status of existing permits to “lost”
  • Automate emails to current holders for permit renewals
  • Email rules, regulations, and purchase confirmation receipts
  • Record permit effective, issuance, and expiration dates
  • Build safeguards requiring users to agree to terms and conditions before purchasing permits

ParkAdmin Inventory