Flexibility and efficiency with virtual lots

ParkAdmin makes it easy to create efficiency by adding parking allocations for permit holders and your individual lots.  By defining the User Types specific to your operations, you can effectively manage and assign permit holders to available lots during available times.

A good master parking plan allows for future planning and revenue growth while maximizing existing potential in an effective way.

When developing your master parking plan there are a number of things you need to determine ahead of time in order to be effective and efficient. This can be broken down into two main categories, lot planning and allocation planning.

Examples of both lot planning and allocation planning are provided below.

Establish User Types

With ParkAdmin you create as many User Types as you need to effectively manage your permits and allocations.  A campus for example may have different User Types for students and staff and then sub types for full time, part time, etc.

When users register online with your ParkAdmin system, they are assigned a User Type which will help both you and them navigate their options.

Create virtual lots

Inside the ParkAdmin system, each of your physical lots can be divided into virtual lots to accommodate different User Types.  For example, the campus might assign permits in a specific lot to both staff and students, with certain student permits further segmented by a sub type of student (example sophomore or undergraduate).

Add Time Allocations

It is possible to further segment a lot based on specific time allocations.  Within the ParkAdmin system, you can create 4 different time allocations for each lot.  This gives you the flexibility to make spaces available during the days and times when they are most needed.  The campus in the example might create options for evening parking in the premium lot for sophomore students.

Parking Allocations

See how easy it is to set this up yourself in ParkAdmin.