ViolationAdmin Intelligently Links Enforcement and Parking

ViolationAdmin uses innovative mobile technology to efficiently track, manage and record violations for effective parking enforcement of rules.

ViolationAdmin is the perfect complement to parking management. This violation enforcement software offers innovative mobile technology exposing violation mapping, enforcement management, and analytical insight.

The mobile license plate recognition (LPR) PL8RDR technology enables patrols to capture, analyze and display violations to optimize time and energy of enforcement personnel. With real time sync functions it allows users to acknowledge and pay violations online immediately after being issued.

ViolationAdmin provides in-field access to data from mobile devices and smartphones.

Industry Leading Technology for Parking Enforcement

The Benefits Of ViolationAdmin:

ViolationAdmin: handheld parking enforcementViolation Mapping

Using GPS and cellular technology, Parking and Enforcement Managers can easily identify where most parking violations are occurring. Organizations can use resources on areas with higher violation counts at peak times throughout the day.

Online Appeal Process

Simplify the entire appeal process by allowing appeal records to be created online by clients anytime without contacting your Administration. Appeals Officers have the ability to view the past history of violations, appeals and past communication along with violation photos to create legitimate appeals.

Mobile Ticketing

Using an Android device and a Bluetooth belt printers creating tickets for parking infractions is quick and easy. Data is synced to the system through cellular or WIFI networks.

Photo Confirmationparking enforcement reporting on devices

With ViolationAdmin Enforcement staff can include photos with each infraction. Clients can review photos during the appeal process, or Appeals Officers can review photos to help with final judgement of the appeal.

Smooth Online Payments

Through hosted payment gateway solutions, your clients have the convenience of paying for infractions online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ViolationAdmin provides your Administration team with options to create discounts to encourage faster payment or issue automatic overdue notifications.

ViolationAdmin: Violations administration and enforcementKnowledge In The Field

In-the-field Enforcement staff can search vehicles and repeat offenders, view ticket history, and verify permits creating more productive resources.

Comprehensive Violation Reports

Administrators can see Infraction Payment History and monitor violation offences conveniently as well as extract valuable security related statistics for analysis.  Learn more about the reports available with ViolationAdmin.


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