Parking Enforcement Reports with ViolationAdmin

ViolationAdmin includes several built-in parking enforcement reports that support the needs of most parking operations.  The list below includes brief descriptions.  We support custom report building for clients who require it.

Violations by Location/ Officer Report

Allows administrators to search for violations issued by officer and see a summary of how many were issued of each type, appealed, upheld, reduced or cancelled, spoils and warnings, paid, or unpaid.


Paid Violations Summary by Type

Displays the total violations and warnings issued by date and type.


Violations by Officer

Display the number of violations issued by an officer including the plates that received violations, the date of the violation, and the fine amount.  Possible filters include date, ticket writer, spoil type, and ticket type.


Summary Report by Officers

Administrators can review violations issued by an officer and see how many of the violations were: issued of each type, appealed, upheld, reduced or cancelled, spoils and warnings, and paid or unpaid.


Violations by Pay Type by Month

Search for violations issued by month and by payment type.


List Overdue Report

Displays violations not paid by the due date.  Filters include user type, ticket type, and date.  A link is included to email reminders to users with unpaid violations.


Search Repeat Offenders

Search for users with multiple violations.  Filters include date, ticket type, number of violations, and user types.  User profiles and vehicle information can be accessed from quick links in the report.


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