Plans and Pricing

Grow your online parking and security business with
one system – one platform – one database

OperationsCommander is the world’s first complete parking and security management platform.

Our Standard package allows parking managers to not only put parking payments online but also use a handheld device for parking validation and chalking. When you are ready to grow your operation, you can move to our Plus package which offers a parking validator, violations, and guest payments. OPS-COM Premium is for the enterprise-class organization that needs it all including incidents, dispatch, and LPR camera support.

Lite Package

All you need to sell standard
and temp parking permits.

branded user portal
standard & temp permits
online payments
virtual lots
permit reports
* base pricing

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Premium package

Leverage all the power of

Everything in Plus
SMS/text parking
managed waitlists
automated alerts
company invoicing
ParkAdmin – What’s IncludedStandardPlusPremium
Permit managementXXX
User managementXXX
Branded user portalXXX
Parking and payment reportsXXX
Basic waitlistXXX
Customizable form moduleXX
Temp permitsXX
Do Not Ticket or Tow (DNTT)XX
Parking validatorX
Managed waitlistX
Text2ParkMe: SMS/text parking **X
Permit and User API **X
Company management and invoicingX
** Additional fees based on usage
ViolationAdmin – What’s IncludedStandardPlusPremium
Parking enforcement toolsXXX
User managementXXX
Branded user portalXXX
User and basic enforcement reportsXXX
Handheld virtual chalkingXXX
Handheld parking validationXXX
Violation entry web portalXX
Handheld remote violation entryXX
Online appealsXX
Guest paymentsXX
Advanced enforcement reportsXX
License Plate Recognition (LPR) reportingX
Issue violations to a personX
Municipal violations and collectionsX
Vehicle alarms and watchlistX