Comprehensive Incident Management for Your Operation

OPS-COM incident reporting management system is a comprehensive secure platform for operations that have a need for daily log reporting, incident management and subject profiling.  With an ability to provide complete investigative management, reporting, interview management, risk assessments and briefing log entries your organization can deliver quick, accurate analysis with statistics.   By combining everything into one platform your organization allows for effective response to incidents within your geographical location.

Incident reporting and capturing in one platform offers:

  • Dispatching
  • Case management and assignment
  • Tracking people, entities and vehicles
  • Interviewing and evidence gathering
  • Statistical reporting

Access and Query Quickly with IncidentAdmin

Incident Admin reporting dashboard

Incident Tracking

With an integrated electronic database there is no need for manual processes or paperwork.  Officers can easily see previous interactions others have had with an incident and track various incidents by categories including health and safety, misconduct, assault, threatening behavior, damage/theft, trespass issues and other activities.

Incident Flagging

With incident categories adding flags on incident reports organizations can alleviate the time consuming restraints to pull up reports.  These flags are extremely helpful when pulling information and generating statistics.

Incident Occurrence Tracking

Incident reports capture appropriate information to promote data integrity and compliance with comprehensive accurate incident reporting and investigations. By relating one incident to another, tracking users and managing caseloads shift managers are offered consistent reporting  to make sure transfer of tasks aren’t getting lost.  Learn more about the reports available in IncidentAdmin.

On-the-Spot Dispatch Functionality

With IncidentAdmin Heads-Up Display (HUD)  calls can be quickly prioritized for service, add notes to dispatch report and track officer activity and easily send alarms or dispatches when a person or vehicle of interest is identified.

incident reporting

Case Load Management

By offering an electronic record keeping of details including location, time, incident details and various file attachments for incident reports that can be authorized by shift managers, efficiency becomes a priority allowing staff to just look at cases that need to be reviewed.

Incident Reporting Trend Analysis

With consistent and centralized incident information organizations can improve it’s statistical reporting and analysis capabilities.  Flexible reporting tools enable organizations to see information reducing the effort needed to consolidate information from different systems.  Learn more about the reports available with IncidentAdmin.

Permissions and Security

Report escalation allows settings that prevents any tampering, alteration and applies safeguards for all information.  Managers can put settings in place of who can see and edit reports by utilizing these settings.