two officers with realtime notification on handheld

Alarm Dispatch and Management

Seamless and Simplified

Don’t lose valuable time when managing security incident alarms and dispatching your team.  The IncidentAdmin module makes it easy to identify people and vehicles of interest and notify the right people for next steps.

  • Improve your response time for better safety
  • Simplify reporting for OHS and insurance
  • Eliminate manual processes and logs
  • Customize your workflow
  • Maximize your staff resources with improved efficiency

How it works

1. Create your vehicle or person of interest list

You can set your own parameters and simply add alerts to individual people or vehicles.  It might include scofflaws, vehicles or individuals banned from campus, people of interest to police or law enforcement etc.

2. Identify a person or vehicle of interest

The system and hardware you have connected to your system, such as LPR cameras, card access, patrol devices, etc will automatically identify people or vehicles on your list.

3. Automate an alarm to your designated personnel

Your OPS-COM system will automatically notify your designated admin team when a person or vehicle has been identified.  They can choose how to share and dispatch the information based on the nature of the alert.  This also includes immediate notification to a patrol officer when they scan or enter a license plate for a vehicle of interest, or a name of a person of interest.  Learn more about alarms

4. Create a custom dispatch

Customize how and what you want to dispatch information when a person or vehicle of interest is identified by your OPS-COM system.  Notify your teams via email, text, or their mobile handheld units. Learn more about dispatch

5. Build alarm and dispatch reports to monitor progress

Create reports to review your dispatch history or to review a specific log entry.  You can narrow your reports by source, category, admin user, and date.