A Support Team with Flexible Options

The OperationsCommander team are the best in the industry!  We know we’re good and we’re happy to tell anyone that wants to listen.

Take a look at the last 200 support cases that have passed through our parking and security support channels.  Everything from minor training to helping diagnose bugs, and even helping to develop wish list items.

Please note that every support incident that received a vote was recorded as either good or great by our clients.  It’s no wonder since our parking and security support team is a collaborative group that works together to answer questions and resolve issues efficiently.

Support Plans – Make Us Part of Your Team

OperationsCommander offers several support options for continued productivity and ease of use with your parking and security management platform.  OPS-COM has 3 support levels to choose from that are designed to match your needs.  Standard, Standard Plus, and Premium; each offer different options ranging from occasional assistance to 24/7 coverage.

Service Availability
Mon – Fri
9am – 5pm EST
Email support,
Wiki access,
Video library,
Chat support
24/7 email support*
Status NotificationsWithin 8 hoursWithin 2 hoursWithin 1 hour
Up-time Guarantee99.9%99.9%99.9%
Escalation ManagerNoNoYes
Software ReleasesMaintenance
& Bug fixes
Remote TrainingFee basedFee based12 hours/yr
Training DiscountsNoYesYes
Development DiscountsNoNoYes

To discuss which package is best tailored to your specific needs please contact us




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The OperationsCommander parking and security platform is a PaaS (platform-as-a-service) solution.  This reduces overall configuration management, improves scalability, is easier to support, and is hosted in a secure environment.

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