Customizing your security and parking management system


OPS-COM allows you to be actively involved in customizing the administration portion specific to your operations.  For a seamless implementation we work with our clients in our kick off project stage to gather this information to alleviate any delays.  Being prepared in advance means there are no delays and your system implementation dates are met.

Customization helps to ensure that the system operates to match your business logic, and to deliver messaging that is appropriate to your clients.  OPS-COM is a scalable and fully customizable cloud based parking and security management platform.

The system can be customized using many built in tools, or tell us what we are missing to have it included in the next product road map.

Clients Drive Innovation

The product is turn-key but only if that’s what you want!

Often we find that it is clients that are helping to drive our innovation.  It makes sense, this is their business and their business processes.

OperationsCommander is a parking and security software platform that is guaranteed to cover +90% of existing business processes.  In most cases the coverage is 100% but there are always ways to improve on the integration.

Clients know their business and are often reluctant to make the switch to a parking or security management model that they are not familiar with.  In all cases, we work with the client to determine how to proceed and what options may be best to ensure the least amount of business disruption.

Many of the features that are now part of the platform were specific customization requested by clients.

Graphic and Image requirements

  • An official organization logo is required in a 500 px by 250 px png file.  The official colors for your organization are also requested to help ensure consistency with your brand and website.
  • Parking map. pdf and png files of your parking lot maps are required.

Payment Details

  • If you already have a payment processor, you will require the hosted payment details so that your OPS-COM system can record all financial transaction details. We will also require contact information for the account representative along with integration details for payment processing.
  • If you do not have a payment processor, you should talk with your bank or a 3rd party processor to set up an account and establish a hosted payment merchant account for payment processing.
  • Payment header statement with legal disclaimers and requirements, and a payment footer for receipt. This should include the responsibilities, time frame for payment, and any restrictions that your parking and security office might have.
  • Receipt header note including tax numbers or other requirements.

User Type Profiles

You will establish user type  and the rules appropriate to each type.  Examples of common types include Student FT or PT, Staff FT or PT, Visitors, Contractors, Guests, Bicycle and Motorcycle.

Permit Types

You will establish the types of permits and the rules for each permit type.  Examples might be Temporary, Daily, Hourly, Monthly, Semester, Motorcycle, Bicycle

Administrative Email Messages

There are multiple email messages that will need to be added into your customized OPS-COM system settings:

  • Standard email footer, disclaimer
  • Registration email footer note for all registrations
  • Password request changes email footer note

Offence Types

ViolationAdmin users will require all offence types to be prepared by name as well as the value of each offence.

Parking Lots

All parking lots will need to be assigned a name.  If using longer names, you will need to create an abbreviated lot name up to 7 characters or less for clear identification on permits.

For example: Patterson Building West Lot 1    =     PBWL-1

You will also need to define the type of lot, the number of spaces they have available, the user types that will have access to them, as well as the value of each permit in the lot

User Page Settings

  • Text, graphics, colors and other information is required for your user login screen as well as a header message.
  • You can add secondary graphics with might include google maps or an aerial view of your lots.
  • Main page footer content is required and can include customized images, contact information, or other details.

Administrative Messages

There are multiple messages that need to be added and customized for certain features.  These include:

  • Staff schedules
  • Maintenance notices
  • New updates such as permit release dates etc.
  • Permit and parking disclaimers with legal terms about usage of the system
  • Vehicle removal disclaimer message
  • Temporary permit text, validity restrictions, and replacement requirements

Administrative Messages for Violations:

  • Appeals confirmation message for auto reply to appeal submission
  • New violation notice with terms i.e. early payment reduction offer
  • Repeat notice warnings message
  • Violations notice signature

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