Leverage Our Integration Experience

Custom development to match your business process is what makes the OPS-COM solution so scalable.

OPS-COM operates an open Application Programming Interface (“API”) which makes custom integrations with other providers much easier.  During the implementation or after the system is live OPS-COM can integrate with necessary providers seamlessly for clients business process optimization. The OPS-COM system is highly flexible to integrate with the services that help you manage your parking management better.

Today security for cardholder data is imperative for any software solution that utilizes payments. PCI standards are a required processes that must be in place for payment transactions.  Our OPS-COM solutions uses a hosted payment model for payment processing and transactions. A hosted payment solution removes payment processing to a secure payment page through your payment solution provider.  It is a seamless process for your clients that doesn’t affect them through the payment steps and all information is processed through the payment provider.  By using a hosted solutions model enhances cardholder security, reduces liability and offers multiple payment options.

The OPS-COM solution maintains PCI-DSS compliance and no sensitive information is stored or transferred through the OPS-COM only when absolutely necessary with strong cryptography and one way hashes.

If you don’t see the application you’d like to integrate, contact us and we’ll talk to you about custom integrations.

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